Vinatería Harlem named one of the Best Italian Restaurants in NYC by The Financial Times

Congrats goes out to Vinatería in Harlem! They were recently named one of the Best Italian Restaurants in New York City by The Financial Times, an international London-based publication. The FT says Vinatería in Harlem “is a spot you can as easily drop into for a flatbread pizza or charcuterie as for a full meal of grilled octopus with rocket and a confit of pimento potatoes or the wonderful tagliatelle with pork ragù and black cabbage.”

Vinatería is located at 2211 Frederick Douglass Blvd at 119th Street. For reservations, call 212-662-8462.

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1897: Superhero Policeman Fogarty and the Crime-Stopping Goats of East Harlem

HarlemGal Inc.:

The following story is dedicated in memory of the eight people who died in a building collapse in East Harlem, when a leak in a natural gas pipeline laid in 1887 exploded on March 10, 2014.

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Central Park, 1880

On the border of Central Park, circa 1880. Collection of the Museum of the City of New York, Image ID: 805713

The following story is dedicated in memory of the eight people who died in a building collapse in East Harlem, when a leak in a natural gas pipeline laid in 1887 exploded on March 10, 2014.

If you’ve read Edith Wharton’s “The Age of Innocence,” you may recall her describing “the one-story saloons, the wooden greenhouses in ragged gardens, the rocks from which goats surveyed the scene” near Mrs. Manson Mingott’s white marble row house on Fifth Avenue.

Edith Wharton House

The white marble row house built by Edith Wharton’s great-aunt Mary Mason Jones, looking south from 58th Street in 1899. Photo: Office for Metropolitan History

Although the novel is fiction, much of the story is based on Edith’s own life and experiences in old New York. Mrs. Mingott’s house was based…

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Corner Social in Harlem turns two, celebration Saturday March 22

Time flies when you’re having a good time and that’s all that’s been happening at the Corner Social in Harlem since they officially opened two years ago. The Lenox Avenue restaurant and bar are marking the occasion this coming Saturday. See details below.

Stop by the Corner Social on Lenox and 126th Street; and wish them a Happy Birthday and many more years of success in Harlem!


Awesome Actor Denzel Washington dines in Harlem at The Park 112

Golden Globe, Tony, Academy Award Actor Denzel Washington decided to head uptown this past weekend for some good grub in Harlem. Where did he go? To Harlem restaurant row’s The Park 112. Not a bad choice, Denzel! We hear he ordered the Brick Chicken and Branzino dish, but no drinks! Hey, when you’re on Broadway performing in Raisin in the Sun, ya gotta eat and drink well.

Let’s not forget that Denzel Washington is familiar with the streets of Harlem. A few years back, he was in Central Harlem filming American Gangster.

Other celebs, models and well-known athletes have made their way up to Harlem to The Park 112 as well, such as Kobe Bryant, Jessica White, and Mekhai Phifer of ER. Again, don’t take our word. Go to their Instagram account! All the evidence is there!


Bios on Pediatricians at Tribeca Pediatrics Harlem Branch

Harlem parents, have you checked out Tribeca Pediatrics,which recently opened in Harlem on 114th Street and Frederick Douglass? I have taken my daughter twice already, seen all doctors and both experiences have been very good so far.  I plan to continue to take my daughter there. On a recent visit, I collected the bios of the two doctors/pediatricians that are working at the Harlem branch of Tribeca Pediatrics. I am passing the bios along for those interested. Also, here is the phone number and email as well: 646-666-8248,


Manhattan Mini Storage offering storage to displaced residents of East Harlem building explosion

In the wake of Wednesday’s massive gas explosion and collapse at two apartment buildings in East Harlem, Manhattan Mini Storage announced today (March 14) via a news release that it is offering free storage at its East Harlem location to any displaced residents by the explosion for up to three months while they recover from the incident and secure new housing.

Manhattan Mini Storage is asking any residents displaced by the explosion to call the company at 212-STORAGE (212-786-7243), Option 1, if they are in need of storage. Their East Harlem facility is located at 401 East 110th Street.


Study cello with member of famous Ahn Trio, audition at Harlem School of the Arts May 5-9


A reader from Bozeman, Montana/Jakarta, Indonesia sent in a unique story tip to share. The cellist from the famous Ahn Trio, three Julliard-trained sisters (Lucia on the piano, Angella on the violin, and Maria on the cello) who have “earned a distinguished reputation for embracing 21st century classical music,” is offering an opportunity to train with her for FREE! How does a musician get to study with Maria from Ahn Trio? If you are between the ages of 12-18, you will need to audition during the Harlem School of the Arts Prep Auditions, which will take place May 5-9. The individual(s) chosen will be able to study-tuition free with Maria for a whole year!

The Harlem School of the Arts Prep Auditions is an annual event, which covers other instruments, theater, dance and visual arts! Check out HSA website to learn more. And learn more about Ahn Trio by going here.

Q&A: How Do Explosions Cause Building Collapses Like Harlem’s?

Q&A: How Do Explosions Cause Building Collapses Like Harlem’s?.

Dan Vergano
National Geographic

The deadly collapse of two apartment buildings in New York on Wednesday has an engineering explanation—the “brittleness” of turn-of-the-century brick buildings. (See also: “Why Do Building Collapses Like Philadelphia’s Happen?”)

Triggered by what authorities said was a natural gas explosion, the collapse in East Harlem killed at least two people, with more than a dozen reportedly missing. Apartment buildings in that part of East Harlem date to the 1900s, prior to the advent of modern building codes.

“Buildings of that vintage are quite brittle,” says structural engineer Donald Dusenberry of Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, editor of the Handbook for Blast Resistant Design of Structures. “Even a room-size natural gas explosion can trigger the collapse of an older masonry structure.”

National Geographic asked Dusenberry to explain how the buildings, one six stories and one four stories tall, may have collapsed:

How does a natural gas explosion trigger the collapse of two large buildings?

Masonry buildings are able to support very heavy loads, compressive ones, from gravity. But older ones weren’t built to take something extra pushing on them in the opposite direction [from gravity] or sideways, and they are quite brittle and can collapse. That’s what happens in an explosion.

How does it happen?

When there is an explosion, assuming this was a gas explosion, which is usually the case, pressures build up very suddenly in all directions and expand in the direction of the walls and ceiling.

The ceiling, the floor of the apartment above, can blow out from the force acting in the opposite direction of gravity.

When you lose the floor, you lose the sideways web of support for the columns holding the building. [The columns] are suddenly twice their unsupported length and they buckle.

The columns are great at supporting the compressive forces holding the building up, but they are quite weak, relatively speaking, at resisting the bending forces acting sideways to them that put them in tension.

They are brittle. It’s like a stick. You bend it and they snap.

How large an explosion does it take?

That is the tough question. It depends on the building. Normally [natural] gas explosions start in one room or place of origin. Along with the ceilings, they can blast out entire walls, which can leave the wall above not supported at all. So they collapse.

Because the [older] masonry is so brittle, it just breaks into small pieces, leaving piles of debris behind.

How are modern buildings different?

Today we add steel reinforcement, rebar, to masonry building walls. [The steel reinforcements] help to resist to sideways forces . . . Structures built to modern building codes are 10 to 20 times more resistant, normally, to these kind of forces.

Is there a building code change needed here for older buildings?

Well, typically, there aren’t requirements for upgrades in older buildings, unless renovations are made of a sufficient magnitude to trip local ordinances.

Is it always a leaky stove that triggers these blasts?

No, I’ve seen natural gas explosions happen all kinds of ways. Most modern stoves actually have a cutoff switch if left on too long without the burner firing. But that has happened.

It also happens in repairs or with construction, where a leak is triggered by work that damages pipes. I’ve heard of digging in the street outside a home snagging a pipe and leading to a house filling up with gas to trigger an explosion.

It can happen accidentally in a multitude of ways, unfortunately. It isn’t common, and people shouldn’t spend all their time worrying. But natural gas leaks should be taken seriously.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

The Laundromat Project offering Spring Break art class for Harlem middle school kids April 14-18

Need a kid project for Spring Break? Here’s a suggestion! The Laundromat Project is offering a five-1918445_2334299day art class for Harlem middle-school kids from April 14th to 18th, which is Spring Break for NYC public schools. The art class begins at 9:30 am and runs to 3 pm. During this time, students will learn how to silkscreen and print with linoleum plates, and visit local museums and artist studios.

If you don’t have anything scheduled for your kids during Spring Break, this program is a nice option filled with art making and creative expression.

The deadline to apply was today, but it has been extended to March 24. Interested parents should apply here.

East Harlem’s East River Plaza completely leased out, Planet Fitness and Mt. Sinai rent space

Blumenfeld Development Group, the owners of East River Plaza in East Harlem, today announced via a news release that the retail complex at 116th Street and FDR Drive is now 100 percent leased following the signing of a long-term agreement for 14,500 square feet of space by Planet Fitness and the inking of a 15-year lease by Mt. Sinai Hospital for a community oriented dialysis center, also for 14,500 square feet of space.

They join other tenants within the five-story, half a million square foot complex that includes Target, Costco, PetSmart, Aldi, GameStop, Burlington Coat Factory, Old Navy, Bob’s Discount Furniture and Marshalls, among others.