Adam Clayton Powell Corner Bldg getting a makeover?

Jan 13, 2009 @ 1:27
By HarlemGal



I was walking toward the 2/3 subway line along Central Park North recently and saw that the corner building on Central Park North and Adam Clayton Powell had brand new windows installed and what also appeared to be new air conditioning units.  There is scaffolding around and ton of permits on the door. Those are clear signs of a makeover and the building looks vacant! Does anyone know the scoop?

For those that don’t know this Harlem area or do, this spot is absolutely a primo location-in my view. It’s a well-sized corner building right across the street from our famous Central Park. The building has to have some decent park views. Well…whatever is going on there, HarlemGal wishes she had a small fortune, some extra dinero, etc. I would totally go shopping there for another Harlem casita! If you know what’s going on, tell us!

Adam Lot2Adam Lot3

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