The Discovery Channel’s Construction Intervention is Just Wingin It in Harlem

Jan 7, 2010 @ 11:45


UPDATE: Click here to see Construction Intervention’s makeover of Harlem’s Just Wingin It!

By HarlemGal
I was walking along Frederick Douglass Blvd. this evening (Thursday) and I could not help but notice a ton of c-stands with giant lights, a van full of camera men and a boat load of construction workers at 118th and FDB! I asked the still photographer on site and one of the construction workers what was going on inside Harlem’s Just Wingin It, a chicken wings place right on the northeast corner. They said they were filming a Discovery Channel TV show called Construction Intervention, a renovation show that will be hosted by Charlie Frattini, a project executive for Muss Brooklyn Development Corp. Good for Just Wingin It. I always wondered what was up with that place!
According to one of the workers on site, the show will air this coming March. That sounds realistic given the renovation has to be completed within four days for each project! Sounds like an interesting show. HarlemCondoLife will be sure to watch!




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