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Harlem Vintage becomes Vintage Harlem?

A reader on Facebook dropped us a line over the weekend saying that the old Harlem Vintage wine store that was located on 121st and Frederick Douglass Blvd will continue as a wine store, but with a new name–Vintage Harlem. … Continue reading

What’s up with the old Harlem Vintage space?

A few days ago I received a message along with a picture in my inbox asking: what is going on with the commercial space where Harlem Vintage was located? The photo sent in by a reader reveals there is sign … Continue reading

What’s up with Harlem Vintage a reader asks?

Yesterday, a reader asked if we knew that the old newsstand on West 112th was ‘For Rent?’ Today, a reader is asking HarlemGal Inc., what’s up with Harlem Vintage? The reader explained that they were in Harlem Vintage recently and … Continue reading

Harlem vintage newspaper stand ‘For Rent’ at 112th and Frederick Douglass Blvd

A reader asked last night and sent photos, “did you notice the old abandoned newspaper shed on 112th St and Frederick Douglass Blvd-on east side-has a ‘For Rent’ sign on it? HarlemGal did not notice, but thanks for the heads … Continue reading

Designer Vintage collection launch at N Boutique in Harlem

Nov 14, 2010 @ 11:43 By HarlemGal Interested in shopping today, Sunday, November 14 along with a mimosa in hand? Then head on over to N Boutique at 119th Street and Lenox. Today, they are unveiling their  DESIGNER VINTAGE collection … Continue reading

Harlem organizations partner with FIT to present Harlem Holiday Windows, free tours provided

Move over Fifth Avenue, Harlem is getting into the holiday windows game. Spanning the corridor of Frederick Douglass Boulevard between 114th and the 122nd streets, eight Harlem businesses will display windows designed and executed by fifteen students from the Fashion … Continue reading

Q&A: How Do Explosions Cause Building Collapses Like Harlem’s?

Q&A: How Do Explosions Cause Building Collapses Like Harlem’s?. Dan Vergano National Geographic PUBLISHED MARCH 12, 2014 The deadly collapse of two apartment buildings in New York on Wednesday has an engineering explanation—the “brittleness” of turn-of-the-century brick buildings. (See also: … Continue reading

Inside Harlem Shake Restaurant, opens at noon May 16

HarlemGal Inc was invited to the soft opening/private event of Harlem Shake Restaurant today and yes, we had a great time! Harlem Shake takes you back in time with its vintage look from the 50’s. Not only is Harlem Shake … Continue reading

Vinateria Harlem opens today April 17, take a look inside

HarlemGal Inc has confirmation from the owners of Vinateria Harlem that they are in fact opening to the public today, April 17. If you’re interested in checking out this new place located on Harlem’s restaurant row, i.e. 119th Street and … Continue reading

Harlem’s PS/IS180 Hugo Newman College Prep to start flea market April 7

A parent of Harlem’s PS/IS180 Hugo Newman College Prep School emailed HarlemGal Inc to let us know this Harlem school is starting their very own flea market to raise money for various programs that could potentially get cut. They plan … Continue reading