housing 100311

6 responses to “housing 100311

  1. Soumahila Cisse

    Please mail me an application at 2824 8th ave Apt B NY NY 10039.
    Soumahila Cisse

  2. Kathleen Miah-Johnson

    Please can u email me an application. I requested one 10 days ago via email no response. Perhaps you can mail me one to Kathleen Johnson c/o Fountain
    2333 5th Avenue, apt 11F, New York, NY 10031. I am interested in a 1 or 2 bedroom anywhere listed on list above. Thank you

    • @Kathleen. This is a blog about Harlem. If you are interested in the apartment covered in this blog, you need to contact HPD directly. See information in the blog post. Good luck with your apartment search!

  3. go to nyc.gov, click residents and then apartments search. It will give you direct addresses to request for applications.

  4. hello… was interested in an apartment and willing to pay for.2 year lease upfront….

  5. I never receives eligiblity notice back for apts on 131st Madison ave

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