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HarlemGal Inc. is a collection of blog posts since 2008 about living and experiencing life in Harlem. HarlemGal, a pen name used for social media, has resided in the black capital of the world since 2006. HG enjoys using and sharing about plant-based essential oils, being a mommy to her daughter and son, biking with her kids on her Japanese mamachari, spending summers in New Mexico, seeing films, live music, and of course, blogging about all the wonderful things to do and see in Harlem.

HarlemGal Inc has been a leading blog for more than 10 years and a credible source of information about Harlem and its community. HarlemGal blog first predicted and coined Frederick Douglass Boulevard as Harlem’s restaurant row. 

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15 responses to “HarlemGal’s Bio


  2. This is a great blog site! I really like the recent posts section. They are really up to date and the information is very informative.

  3. Hey there!

    As you know, I LOVE your blog. Thanks for all your hardwork on the blog and in the community! For that reason, I’ve nominated you for a Liebster: http://fromthefifthfloor.com/2012/03/28/i-got-an-award-and-others-are-getting-one-too/

  4. Great blog! I live in Harlem and appreciate your advice on things to do!

  5. You’re doing a great job. I enjoy your blog.

  6. Hi
    I am coming to NYC with my parents and 2 boys (aged 7 and 5) from New Zealand in november and really want to take them to hear a proper gospel church choir singing as they have seen them on TV and are both fascinated by music and singing. I dont want to do the “tour” as such as want it to be as authentic as possible so if you have any suggestions/know anyone who might welcome us into their church I would be so grateful. Of course, I would be willing to return the favour to anyone visiting New Zealand and wanting to see a slice of real NZ life.
    thanks in advance and fingers crossed someone out there can help!

    • Thank you for reaching out regarding your upcoming trip to NYC. There are so many suggestions. I am going to post your question on my landing page of my blog and see what readers suggest. For me personally, I have been to Mount Neboh Baptist Church. Its on 114th and Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd. Look it up! More suggestions will come in once I share your info. Hope this helps. And thanks again for contacting HarlemGal Inc.

  7. Thank you, Harlem Gal for blogging and enriching Harlem. Love it.

  8. Look at you! Hyping Harlem! Applause….

  9. Willow Wanderer

    Hi Harlem Gal
    I’ve been living here for 7 weeks now and I’ve just installed my first yarnbomb street art piece down on E 104th & Lex just opposite the east harlem cafe. This is my local neighborhood. Is love you to see my piece and share it with your followers. The more people that can enjoy it the better. I’m working on another for July. I’ll prob do a series of 4 if the feedback is good. Find me on twitter if you can @wwRAGS
    Interested to get your feedback

  10. Would love to subscribe

  11. very nice!

  12. Love your posts. Thank you.

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