Watching Black Panther in Harlem | Racism | Al Jazeera

Black Panther is a deeply satisfying, and a deeply troubling film, for what it delivers and what it does not.
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One response to “Watching Black Panther in Harlem | Racism | Al Jazeera

  1. Clearly you don’t understand because you are an outsider looking in. This character is from a Marvel Comic, fictional. the white CIA character’s part wasn’t even that big and he did not find or know about Wakanda until the other white character Ulysses Clauw had discovered it 30 years prior. If you had read any of the Black Panther comics you would realize that you are getting the militant group confuses with a super hero. I don’t agree with everything you said because you don’t know the history. Like many non blacks you criticize what the film is taking it for serious. The only thing it “liberates” is the thinking of blacks who have felt that they cannot do anything in life without a colonizers permission. This movie was highly successful despite the downtrodden diatribe critiques of people like you. If Harlem is a victim of obamaesque gentrification, then where does that put you? An Iranian living there benefiting from the “American Dream” coming from a place with a long drawn out history of war and sorrow? Clearly you didn’t enjoy the movie as you saw all sorts of socio political things wrong with it. SMH

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