Coco Nail Salon in Harlem displays rates

The new nail salon called Coco Young wants all of us Harlemites to know what a mani/pedi will cost if you go there-based on the photo below! It appears the salon, located on Frederick Douglass Blvd between 113th and 114th Street, wants $4 more from customers if they go on a weekend! Hmm. I wonder how that is going to play out given Z Nails on 116th Street has one flat rate no matter what day you walk in. I believe Polished Fingertips up the street on FDB is the same. Harlem gals, what do you think? Will you pay more on the weekend to get your hands and feet done at this new nail salon scheduled to open soon?


2 responses to “Coco Nail Salon in Harlem displays rates

  1. Of course I will start going here given that they are good….They are much cheaper than Z nails and will for sure put Polished out of business as they are very very over priced.

  2. I think it’s standard practice to offer cheaper weekday rates. I think the idea is to incentive people coming on the days when you’re less busy. Polished does have a similar deal except its only during the daytime hours on the days offered. I plan to go to CoCo and hope it’s a good salon. But truthfully getting your nails done in Harlem is so expensive (Z Nails included, Carols Daughter, Polished) that anything is a welcome change even if the quality is somewhat less than those other establishments. With that said they still need to offer quality services or I’ll keep getting my nails done near my workplace where there are tons of options from high to low. I suspect that is what most folks do now.

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