Read Borough President Scott Stringer’s letter on recent East Harlem tragedy

As most of us know, an angel from God, a precious little soul, a boy, who resided in East Harlem was struck and killed recently by a truck while walking to school. It’s a complete tragedy. Now we are learning that the truck should not have even been on that block and troublesome pedestrian statistics exist for this part of Harlem, according to Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer via a letter sent out today to constituents.

According to Stringer, “of the 145 pedestrian interval signals in Manhattan, which give pedestrians lead time in crossing a street before vehicles can proceed, only two are in East Harlem. Furthermore, while many schools have special reduced speed limit signs with flashing lights, no such treatment exists near P.S. 155, despite the history of deaths in the neighborhood.”

Read the full Stringer letter below. I echo what Stringer says, the way this area is managed is unacceptable! I hope the Department of Transportation listens to Stringer’s request and acts swiftly. Our children should be able to walk to school and back safely. Punto! I hope the DOT acts soon. If you agree, share this information with as many people as possible!



2 responses to “Read Borough President Scott Stringer’s letter on recent East Harlem tragedy

  1. I have created a petition on for the truck driver to by prosecuted. Please support Amar!

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