OMG…Lenox Lounge in Harlem could close. Please no!

According to The New York Daily News, Harlem’s famed music establishment Lenox Lounge “could be on its last set.” The current owner, Al Reed, says the landlord of the property wants $20k a month from the prior $10k. The article states Reed is shopping the place around and that there are interested parties, such as Harlemite and celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson. I hope that is really true about Samuelsson.

Overall, this is sad news to hear. Closing Lenox Lounge would be like closing the Apollo Theater. These establishments are Harlem/American icons. Our community and New York City needs to desperately try to hold on to these treasures. It’s part of NYC’s fabric of life. Lenox Lounge is so special cause of its long history. It’s vintage. I will go as far as saying it should be a landmark and should be preserved. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that an investor views it that way…soon!

6 responses to “OMG…Lenox Lounge in Harlem could close. Please no!

  1. It would be a real shame if no one steps forward to save this Harlem icon. If you wander into this bar to listen to some jazz you can actually sit in the booth that was once occupied by Billie Holiday.

  2. claudia chapman

    Another example of gentrification in Harlem,with the possible closing of The Lounge,we need to pool our resources to save what should be designated as a Historical Landmark!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Does anybody remember the price of anything going down, except for computer memory, and real wages, in the past 50 years? If he does force the Lenox Lounge to close because of ‘business reasons’ it would be appropiate if the location remained vacant as a testament to greed.
    Too many of OUR memories and history are lost already. . What needs to change is our taking ownership of the bussiness and real estate in our community, thats known as power….
    Nina says it all too well in the link below.

  4. For the owner of the building to double the rent oldest trick is the book & easiest way to push tenants out. This shady way of doing business is wrong & should be illegal

  5. Outraged Citizen

    Alvin Reed Sr. has always under paid his employees. Refused to pay his employees their tips, and when confronted told them there’s the door. Even the lowest of the low by collecting child support from employees pay checks and keeping it for himself never sending it in to social services. He has multiple law suits pending against him. Alvin Reed Sr. YOU’VE REAP WHAT YOU HAVE SOWN!!!!!!!

  6. i had my 43rd birthday party their iam now 51yrs old and had plan to do it again…at 53 …..

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