Hip, Unique Shopping@Harlem’s Bebenoir

Oct 4, 2008 @ 18:28
Recently, I was walking to the Rite Aid on Frederick Douglass & 117th….and all of a sudden a lovely window display caught my eye.  What got me to stop was a display that had mannequins featuring very cool clothing for both men and women.  It was so attractive I walked in and all of a sudden I was greeted by the nicest sales person.  He quickly said ” you have not been in here before…yes?  Let me show you around”  I confessed and said this was my first visit, but that I lived in Harlem.  I then quickly asked what is the name of this place. Bebenoir the sales person responded.

After this pleasant encounter, I gravitated to the men’s t-shirts that have these masks or faces in different colors printed on solid tees.  At the bottom of the t-shirt there are Ethiopian characters.  It’s just the coolest looking tee.  What else could I do after a helpful rep assisted me and attractive tees in front of me…..make the green one mine.  If you like tees that have African character offered in Harlem – Bebenoir is the place!

Bebenoir tee in Green

Bebenoir tee in Green

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