Joshua Johnson from Harlem taps his way on to The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Want to be moved and inspired today and by someone special from Harlem? Then watch the video below and read this clip. Joshua Johnson from Harlem used his talent of tap dance to support his college education by tapping for tips on the New York Subway. The New York Times profiled him in early March and two weeks later Ellen DeGeneres invited Joshua on her show and as the saying goes, the rest is history.

One response to “Joshua Johnson from Harlem taps his way on to The Ellen DeGeneres Show

  1. Ask Kim Kardashian!

    Just because someone is on the red carpet, doesn’t mean they belong there. She found out when she was flour bombed by someone saying there were someone other than who they are. Now Willow and Jayden Smith are caught in a similar situation.

    Joshua Johnson, the supposedly homeless student at Penn State University who made the world sad when he said that his mother was living in a shelter in New York, showed up to the Kids Choice Awards with a backpack and tried dupe more people into giving him donations. He’s really playing the “poor college student” role to the hilt and even managed to dupe Will Smith’s kids, Willow and Jayden.

    He’s gotten more than $50,000 in donations but has yet to tell the donors the truth about his past, how much he’s raised and where the money has gone.

    Join our campaign to make Joshua Johnson FINALLY tell the truth about his relationship with a New York City gang (see the pictures on his Facebook page), his true financial status and why he won’t take his mom out of the shelter.

    Willow and Jayden Smith are joining a growing list of people who have been duped by Joshua Johnson.

    Who will be next?

    Read the full story on who Joshua Johnson really is at

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