Listen up Harlem, go vote November 6

The big day is near. Tomorrow, November 6 is election day. It is time of us to go to the voting booths to cast our vote! If you’re a registered voter and not sure where to go to cast your ballot, use New York City’s Board of Elections (BOE) Polling Locator. It will tell you where to go by typing in your building number and street name. The BOE also has an app that will allow you to find your voting poll. Go here to download the app.

Most of us online have been expressing our political views for weeks. I know I have. The day is here where it’s now time for us to do the walk, not just talk. Get out and vote tomorrow! See you at the voting booth!

2 responses to “Listen up Harlem, go vote November 6

  1. Thanks for the reminder! Manhattanites who will not be able to get to their polling places tomorrow also have this alternative: You can vote at the Board of Elections temporary office:

    450 West 33rd Street, 10Flr
    New York, NY 10001
    Tel: 1. 212.465.0503
    Fax: 1. 212.465.2135

    Bring an ID (to get into the building) and an explanation for why you can’t be at your polling place on Tuesday.

    Information for other boroughs:

  2. Another option to the one mentioned in the blog post is to text “where” to 877-877. Reply to the prompt by inputting your entire home address including street, town and zip.

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