Harlem’s famous Apollo Theater to travel back in time

According to The New York Times, our beloved Apollo Theater plans to take a trip back in time or better yet, is going back to its core.  The Apollo Theater plans to transform our famous venue on 125th Street “into an old-fashioned nightclub for a new revue evoking the Harlem music clubs of the 1930s and 1940s”

In its heyday, the Apollo Theater was a venue that featured a “variety programs, such as big bands, singers, dancers, female impersonators, acrobats and comedians.” The Apollo aims to recapture that era and offer it up to consumers who are interested in experiencing this particular part of the Apollo’s history.  The article states “seats will be removed from the orchestra level and the audience will sit at cafe tables, tended by waiters and waitresses.”

Go back in time in Harlem at the Apollo Theater in February 2013 with three nights of shows: Feb. 18, Feb. 22 and Feb 23. Tickets go on sale on Nov. 19.

One response to “Harlem’s famous Apollo Theater to travel back in time

  1. When was the last performance of singer Gloria Lynne at the Appollo? Is she still living?

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