Is Kidberry in Harlem closing?


HarlemGal Inc loves blogging about all things positive related to Harlem. However, there are going to be some instances where the Harlem news is not all roses. For example, this blog is hearing some sad news on and offline about Kidberry, a children’s education center located on Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd between 122nd and 123rd Street. The rumor mill, which HarlemGal Inc is practically 90 percent sure its not a rumor based on sources, is that Kidberry in Harlem is closing its doors for good. Done. Finished, etc.

Reasons  for the closing have not surfaced…yet. Our guess is that will happen in due time. As soon as we know why Kidberry in Harlem is closing, we will pass that information along.

Now for the big questions. Where will Harlem parents take their infants and toddlers for educational classes? Is there some place else close by? Thoughts? HarlemGal Inc would love to hear your feedback? Chime in…

3 responses to “Is Kidberry in Harlem closing?

  1. That’s too bad. My son went to a few classes there but they were not cheap (though no more than most NYC classes). I think the economics of covering rent for the space make these types of businesses really tough to sustain.

  2. Their phone is disconnected. Too bad. Seemed like a promising upstart.

  3. Any word on what happened?

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