Neil Patrick Harris requests Harlem brownstone online and gets it, actor and partner buy 2036 Fifth Avenue

Ask and you shall receive! That’s what Harlem resident, actor and TV star Neil Patrick Harris did back in March where he took his plea to twitter saying “he was looking for a Harlem brownstone.” He wanted a Harlem brownstone and he purchased a Harlem brownstone, according to The New York Post today.

The NY Post says, “Harris [and his partner] just bought a stunning $3.6 million townhouse at 2036 Fifth Ave., between West 125th and 126th streets. The five-story stunner has five bedrooms, five bathrooms and measures a sprawling 8,000 square feet. The sun-filled home includes two terraces, a backyard, chef’s kitchen and lots of space for a playroom and gym. The home is significantly bigger than the couple’s previous home, which was also in Harlem.” View pictures of the actual property here.

Congrats to Harris and his family on their new home. And a nice reminder for the rest of us in Harlem, if you’re rich and famous, you can pretty much get what your little heart desires in Harlem or anywhere in the City.

10 responses to “Neil Patrick Harris requests Harlem brownstone online and gets it, actor and partner buy 2036 Fifth Avenue

  1. I just saw them at Red Rooster on Tuesday night looking as cute as ever. Wonder if we’ll see them at that Applebee’s on the corner…

    • 2036 was run as a .bed & breakfast called Jane Darling House. Many people have booked accommodation before and after it was sold and have had their reservations cancelled at the last minute with no refund. We booked 3 nights from 23 October and just had our reservation cancelled so far no refund. website still taking bookings. Surely Neil Patrick Harris knew of this when he purchased the property..

  2. Lezbeyonce, please… you do not get THOSE bodies going to Applebee’s.

  3. Why not?

  4. I think they are thoughtful,not too spacious and not too crowded 🙂 1 for parents, 1 for Gideon, 1 for Harper, 1 for nanny may be? And 1 for the guest I think? Anyway it’s their choice of house 😀

  5. There was absolutely no reason for you to reveal the address of anyone
    regardless of the community where they choose to live. Get real! who did you expect to purchase that property other than a famous person who can afford it. I think you put people in positions to be harmed by revealing where
    they live. The paparazzi is probably preparing their cameras for a visit to 2036 Fifth Ave so they can wait outside and harass everyone in the neighborhood.

    Shame on you Harlem Gal!!

    • Thanks for reading HarlemGal Inc and for your comment.

      As for mentioning the address of Neil Patrick Harris’ new Harlem home, not only did this blog mention it, The New York Post, and more notable publications, did as well. I believe owning the deed to a home in NYC is a matter of public record, unless its sealed for legal reasons. So this celebrity was not treated any differently in my view than any other the rich and famous people who purchase expensive property in NYC.

      Any real estate experts want to chime in on the rules of owning a deed in NYC?

      • Because I was a property inspector for the City of New York, information
        on tenants and property owners was always available to me…but I
        certainly did not broadcast facts about who was living where or
        who they were living with. My neighborhood is exclusive with famous
        folks living around the corner but it simply is not to their advantage
        if I turned their locations into broadcast news.

        My desire to comment on what you wrote was simply me placing myself in a similar situation. Please continue to write whatever you feel might be of interest to your readers. I was pleased to hear that Neil Patrick Harris
        bought a building in Harlem.

        Thank you for the news!!!

  6. wow! isn’t that nice glad he can effort it,wonder what Harlem residents was moved out to make room for him and others that’s coming into Harlem from downtown

  7. Harlem residents might as well get used to the paparazzi. It’s getting to be like Tribeca up here with the endless parade of celebs in the restaurants.

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