Lo Lo’s Seafood Shack opening on West 116th in Harlem

I received an invite today to come visit Lo Lo’s Seafood Shack in Harlem! It offers Caribbean Street Food. To be honest, I had no clue another restaurant opened on West 116th in Harlem! Here’s the menu and their website. I plan on checking it out! Hope to see you there!



3 responses to “Lo Lo’s Seafood Shack opening on West 116th in Harlem

  1. I’ve eaten there recently. It was really good. Had the crab sandwich and shrimp steam pot. Was really full and satiated. Friendly staff. And a laid back atmosphere. A breath of fresh air from the pretentious restaurants that are popping up all over my native Harlem.

  2. this looks like some ghetto nonsense that will quickly close down like that failed restaurant foot’n it that opened up on Lenox and 117th but quickly closed down

    • Why not just wish people well and keep it moving? Must we always try to put peoples endeavor’s down when they’re trying to do something positive like “opening a restaurant?” Everyone embraces the gentrification of Harlem though & soon it will be another glorified TimesSquare

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