Harlem Flo Boutique to close

Quickly scanning through Facebook, we learn today that Harlem Flo, located on Frederick Douglass Blvd and 122nd, will close! Stefan Handl, the owner of Harlem Flo, announced it today on social media saying “Harlem Flo will close after a successful eight year run and not sure what the future holds.” 

Handl does not explain in his post why his shop will close in a little over a month. Either way, very disappointing to hear.

As more information becomes available, we will pass along.


3 responses to “Harlem Flo Boutique to close

  1. Too bad! They’ve been a wonderful establishment.

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  2. it is sad to see them go but actually not a surprise at all. Bad businessman.

  3. They are not closing! I spoke with one of the Owners and they are not going anywhere. They are both terrific florists, designers and business men and it would be a loss to the neighborhood if they were to close.

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