Harlem Burger joining Harlem restaurant row

There have been several attempts to open a full service hamburger joint on or near Frederick Douglass Blvd, aka Harlem’s restaurant row, in past years but none have either succeeded to open or stay open. Now Harlem Pizza Co, which has its pizza joint on 116th Street, is hoping to be sort of the first to open a restaurant on row dedicated to hamburgers with a place called Harlem Burger! The signage is up on 118&FDB, a good indicator that it’s opening soon. 


2 responses to “Harlem Burger joining Harlem restaurant row

  1. I have high hopes for HARLEM BURGER to be an affordable option for neighbors. The Harlem neighborhood ks out pricing neighbors http://buff.ly/1B4lUnh

  2. Are they going to do delivery? I don’t see them on Seamless…but yet Harlem Pizza Co. is there on Seamless.

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