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Harlem, don’t forget to vote June 26, 13th Congressional District is in your hands

Harlem, listen up! A reader contacted me this morning reminding me tomorrow (June 26) is a very important day for Harlem and the newly drawn 13th Congressional District of New York City, and could this blog remind Harlem locals to get out tomorrow and vote! Absolutely! We all need to get out and vote tomorrow and here is your reminder!

What’s at stake in tomorrow’s primary election? We, the voters, get to decide who is going to win the Democratic Seat for Congress. Representative Charlie Rangel, who holds the seat now, faces Democratic State Senator Andriano Espaillat and Clyde Williams.

So no matter how your day is lined up tomorrow or no matter what your political views are, please, please, please pencil in voting and don’t forget to deliver on going to the polls to vote June 26. The outcome of the 13th District is in your hands. Let’s seize the moment!

And a big thank you to the reader for sending in this story idea! Much appreciated!