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Beurre & Sel made in East Harlem

A reader from Battery Park City shared some sweet news with us about Beurre & Sel, which mean butter and salt, and it’s connection to Harlem. Beurre & Sel is a French cookie business owned and operated by a mother and son duo, Doris Greenspan and Joshua Greenspan, along with a business partner. The Greenspan’s recently opened up two Beurre & Sel locations: one on the Lower East Side and the other at La Marqueta in Spanish Harlem, 1590 Park Avenue and 115th Street to be exact! According to a New York Times article, all the baking is done in East Harlem. So when the hipsters are nibbling on a fancy French cookie from Beurre & Sel on the LES, they’re eating something that’s handmade in Harlem! Love it!