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Help Harlem School of the Arts win $25k in Pepsi Refresh competition

Get out your mouse pads folks! Harlem School of the Arts needs your clicks/votes pronto to win $25k in the Pepsi Refresh.  The soft drink and snacks company is giving out mucho dinero to those with the best ideas in several categories. Harlem School of the Arts is competing in the Communities category.

How can you help? Go online here to learn why Harlem School of the Arts is competing.  Using the same link, you can either register to vote through Pepsi or use your own Facebook account. Voters can also use their smart phone to vote by texting: 109529 to Pepsi!

According to the website there is about 13 hours left to vote! That is dog years on the online community so we have plenty of time to help out Harlem School of the Arts! Let’s go help them win!