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Tweet of the Week: Harlem RBI seeking volunteers


Navigating the Twitter-sphere, one can be drowned in information, especially on Harlem. There is a ton of great info out there. However, some Harlem info on Twitter pops out. In Tweet of the Week, a new series on HarlemGal Inc, Harlem RBI rises to the top and the first to be featured. They simply tweeted recently, “Volunteer at Harlem RBI. You can coach these kids!” When you open up the link, its an adorable photo of kids in their baseball uniforms. So cute! (See above)

If you’re interested in volunteering at Harlem RBI, so you can “coach these kids” to be winners on and off the field,  fill out their volunteer form. “Harlem RBI is always looking for dedicated volunteers.” Check it out. Maybe that’s you?