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From Harlem to LES, New York City iconic places, like mom and pop shops, disappearing

Two New York City photographers have been documenting the City’s transformation for several years. It started with a book, titled “Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York,” in which they photographed mom-and-pop stores around the city, including select parts of Harlem, such as Lenox Avenue and 125th Street. They recently returned to these Harlem locations, and all the other original locations as well, to see what stands in those places now. Take a look below at the Harlem areas documented and see what’s happened.

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In the News: Victoria Theater Development Project in Harlem moves closer to reality

The Victoria Theater Project is moving closer to becoming a reality. On September 26, Real Estate Weekly reported that Danforth Developers, the developers behind the project, picked Aufgang & Subotovski as the designers of the commercial and residential project. The article also states that construction is “slated to begin early next year.”

Fast forward to this week and we have the Globe St. And The New York Observer reporting that there are more changes to the design plans. The Empire State Development Corporation approved plans for two 26-story towers: a 230-unit apartment tower and a 210-room hotel versus the previously planned 140-unit rental tower and 175-room hotel.

So in 2014 or 2015, West 125th Street will have two new towers that will be the tallest buildings in Harlem. Stay tuned.


See The Twin Towers and The City Exhibition in Spanish Harlem

Starting September 3, the Museum of the City of New York pays tribute to 9/11 with a three-month exhibition of the World Trade Center. The Twin Towers and The City Exhibition includes photographer Camilo Jose Vergara’s four decades-long study of the World Trade Center. Vergara is known for “capturing the Twin Towers’ place in the history of the city, their colossal presence on New York’s skyline, and their surprising gracefulness.”

In addition, Artist Romain de Plas paintings will be a part of this featured exhibition. He spent “the year after 9/11 making series of vivid paintings of the Twin Towers.”

The Twin Towers and the City opens Sept. 3 and runs through Dec. 4 at the Museum of the City of New York located at 1220 Fifth Avenue at 103rd.