Harlem’s Just Wingin It premieres April 20th on Construction Intervention

Apr 2, 2010 @ 11:30

By HarlemGal

We now have an exact date on when Just Wingin It and its makeover premieres on the Discovery Channel’s new series Construction Intervention. Below is the episode description released to the media by Discovery:

Just Wingin’ It
Premieres Tuesday, April 20 at 10PM ET/PT

Nestled on the busy streets of Eighth Avenue [also known as Frederick Douglass Blvd.] in Harlem, Walter Lewis always wanted to give back to his community by opening a neighborhood restaurant. Being a firefighter wasn’t enough for Walter. He wanted to open a business that helped this community thrive while providing a safe hangout for local youths. Walter’s dreams came true when he opened Just Wingin’ It in Harlem. Unfortunately, a bad construction job forced him to shut his doors indefinitely – only a few months after opening. Walter has always been there for his community and now Charlie and his team are going to be there for him. The redesign of this small restaurant includes a brand new layout that can handle heavy customer traffic, new restane into this soon-to-be community hot spot.

Half of what is mentioned above I did not know about so I cannot provide much comment. The only item I can attest to is this part of the description: “this soon-to-be community hot spot.” I like the sound of that! HarlemCondoLife could not agree more! Especially on FDB from 110th to 125th Street. That area is becoming a hot spot due to new restaurant establishments, grocery store, wine store and several condo developments!

In closing, I have a quick question for Walter Lewis. When are you opening up for business? Please tell us so we can come by for food and see the new place! By the way, Just Wingin It is located at 2190 Frederick Douglass Blvd. in Central Harlem.




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