Burger drama in East Harlem could prove profitable for Milk Burger

There is a burger-gate happening right now in our own backyard. The owners of East Harlem’s Milk Burger, located at 2056 Second Avenue, are currently fighting off accusations that they cloned their menu and website from the popular and expensive Shake Shack. This all came about when SeriousEats.com blog posted about Milk Burger’s marketing material looking very similar to Shake Shack. The burger drama happened in the last 24 hours.

So where does the burger drama currently stand? Milk Burger has taken all previous material down from their website and has a static page up. The owner has given interviews explaining it was a mistake executed by an intern, and a ton of free press has been given to an East Harlem establishment that most businesses could only dream of!

In summary, this whole burger drama talking place between David (Milk Burger) and Goliath (Shake Shack) could prove profitable for one business here. Milk Burger just opened. They are not the Rupert Murdoch of hamburgers. I believe the owner. It was an honest mistake. He probably just looked at the material that was presented to him for sign off and quickly approved it. Now there is only one place to potentially go from here when you’re starting a business at the bottom…and that’s up!

My advice to the owner of Milk Burger, start drafting the apology letter to Shake Shack and a big fat thank you note to SeriousEats. You are about to get some serious burger business! Who is going with me to eat at Milk Burger in East Harlem?

6 responses to “Burger drama in East Harlem could prove profitable for Milk Burger

  1. The NAME, though! “Milk Burger”? “Milk Sauce”? To name so many things that don’t have Milk in them “Milk-” is kind of weird and gross.

  2. Jen — indeed. That’s almost as weird as “Honeycomb Burger”…

  3. Good point by Quidnam and Jen. I thought the same about Bad Horse Pizza. By the way, the Milk Burger site is back up!

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