Money Series: How Harlem spends their money

Household Spending 10027 12 month avg

I have been living in Harlem since 2006 and have witnessed enormous change since then with new restaurants opening on every major avenue, buildings popping up throughout upper Manhattan, and more new faces lining Harlem streets. With all this change, I have always wondered about spending. How do we, i.e. Harlem locals, spend our money? Where does all of our money go?

I researched the topic and unearthed some interesting numbers via an online money management tool on how we spend. In the Money Series, I will share data discovered by zip code from shopping to health & family to food & drink and more! First up is 10027 of Harlem.

On a 12 month average, household spending for 10027 includes: $568 for food &

Food and Drink 10027 12 month avg

drink, $269 is for dining out and $299 is for groceries. Next on the list is health & family. Harlem locals from 10027 spend a total of $552. The majority of the figure goes to insurance and school & child care with $166 and then $156. The remaining total is divided among four other categories shown in the graph.

After food & drink and health & family, house & income rounds out the top three

Health and Family 10027 12 month avg

spending categories. This part of Harlem spends a total of $472. Two-hundred and six dollars goes to utilities. One-hundred and twenty-four dollars goes to home improvement and $122 goes to phone. The remaining $20 is for home maintenance. The graph below displays the remaining areas of spending for 10027.

House and Home 10027 12 month avg

All figures are based on ages from 18 to 65 years of age and above, all households (married with kids or without, male or female single with kids or without), and income starting at $20,000 to $125k and above.

Next up in the Money Series is how Harlem locals from 10030 spend!

6 responses to “Money Series: How Harlem spends their money

  1. hi, this is great info! did you do a survey? or get the data from another source?

  2. wow, nice work!!

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