Money Series: Harlem spending for 10030 zip code dedicated to health and family

Yesterday, the Money Series gave a snap shot of how Harlemites spend, who reside in the 10027 zip code. Today, the Money Series continues by turning our focus on the residents of 10030.

The top three household spending areas for the 10030 Harlem resulted in health & family ranking first, with house & home next followed by shopping. The first two areas mentioned are identical to 10027 Harlem residents in terms of ranking. However, shopping ranks third for 10030 verses 10027 where it ranks fourth.

On a 12 month average, household spending for 10030 includes: $798 for health & family. Insurance cost make-up $277 with school & child care not far behind at $234. The next large cost is charity at $173. Healthcare, pets and personal care round the remaining total.

House & home follows with a total of $434. The majority of costs go toward utilities. Two-hundred and six dollars is dedicated to utilities. Next with $77 for home maintenance, $76 for home improvement and $75 for phone.

The shopping category came in third in terms of the top three spending areas. Harlemites from 10030 spend a total of $332. That figure is divided among general shopping at $150, clothing, shoes and outer wear at $113 and $69 goes towards electronics, office supplies and hobbies.

If 10027 and 10030 are compared in their two top ranking areas: 10027 spends $246 more than 10030 in health & family and 10030 spends $323 more than 10027 in shopping.

All figures are created from an online money management tool and based on ages from 18 to 65 years of age and above, all households (married with kids or without, male or female single with kids or without), and income starting at $20,000 to $125k and above.

The Money Series heads to East Harlem next. 10029 will be the focus!

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