Where to buy inexpensive flowers in Central Harlem?

There is another place in Harlem that is selling inexpensive flowers-aside from the place in Spanish Harlem I told you about last October. Fine Fare 20110829-112631.jpgSupermarket, located at 136 Lenox Avenue between 111th and 112th, sells a variety of flowers and plants for an inexpensive price. At this Fine Fare, roses are selling for $6 a dozen or two dozen for $10. Not bad. I purchased $20 dollars worth. My little casita is filled with flowers.

Check it out the Fine Fare near Central Park North if you interested in inexpensive roses. If you live in East Harlem, I buy flowers at the NW corner of 116th and Lexington Avenue. They are reasonable there as well.


One response to “Where to buy inexpensive flowers in Central Harlem?

  1. Quite a wonderful sight when coming out of the subway station. They continue to increase their stock of flowers every day! This was a great addition to that corner.

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