Harlem stars in ‘Premium Rush,’ watch trailer

Remember when we spotted beautiful bike messengers in Harlem last summer? They were actually the actors in the film called Premium Rush and they were all over Harlem in character back in July and August 2010! They are back, but this time on film and Harlem is starring in the film as well. It’s obvious Columbia University is in the film. Watch the trailer below and tell us where you see Harlem in the film.

Premium Rush opens in January 2012.

2 responses to “Harlem stars in ‘Premium Rush,’ watch trailer

  1. I’m actually kind of excited about this. The pacing feels like The Fast & The Furious, but for bikers. JGL is always great and I think there could potentially be some great bike stunts here.

    • I’m excited as well. Mainly because i want to see how my neighborhood was used as a backdrop. Also, JGL is slowly and positively peaking my interest to watch as an actor. Loved him in 500 Days…and Inception! Nice blog btw!

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