Harlem Tavern making plans to weatherize its outdoor space

We went to Harlem Tavern this past weekend. We ordered appetizers, drinks and enjoyed sitting outside. While there we wondered, what’s gonna happen to all this outdoor space once the weather changes? We asked. Harlem Tavern plans on building a marquee, a roof like shelter, projecting above the outdoor space. The marquee would have indoor heaters and the shelter would be clear where possible. Maybe on the side walls, but unlikely the roof? The plan is to build the marquee in the next few weeks. And of course, this is all dependent on approvals and costs.

So if you were wondering like we were about whether all that door space was gonna close down for the late fall and winter or stay open, the plan is to have it available! That’s going to be awesome to have winter outdoor seating at Harlem Tavern, don’t you agree?

2 responses to “Harlem Tavern making plans to weatherize its outdoor space

  1. Wow! That’s great! I’m looking forward to dining outside there on a cold, wintry weekend.

  2. yes, agreed!

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