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Harlem Tavern starts to build roof for outdoor space


Back in September, HarlemGal Inc. blogged about how Harlem Tavern, located on the northwest corner of 116th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd., had plans to weatherize its outdoor space. According to these pictures taken last night (November 15), the work has begun!

Having a roof cover their outdoor space is a great idea. I am so happy that Harlem Tavern is taking this approach! Now we just need to see evidence of heating lamps to go along with that new roof!

Harlem Tavern making plans to weatherize its outdoor space

We went to Harlem Tavern this past weekend. We ordered appetizers, drinks and enjoyed sitting outside. While there we wondered, what’s gonna happen to all this outdoor space once the weather changes? We asked. Harlem Tavern plans on building a marquee, a roof like shelter, projecting above the outdoor space. The marquee would have indoor heaters and the shelter would be clear where possible. Maybe on the side walls, but unlikely the roof? The plan is to build the marquee in the next few weeks. And of course, this is all dependent on approvals and costs.

So if you were wondering like we were about whether all that door space was gonna close down for the late fall and winter or stay open, the plan is to have it available! That’s going to be awesome to have winter outdoor seating at Harlem Tavern, don’t you agree?

Celebrate the website redesign of GetHealthyHarlem.org at Harlem Tavern

GetHealthyHarlem.org, a health information website where Harlem residents, families, businesses and organizations can find local information about getting and staying healthy, is have a special gathering tonight at Harlem Tavern. They are celebrating the launch of their website redesign.

According to the organization, viewing and posting information will be much easier on their website, such as a community calendar where readers can post their own events. Go to their website to learn more or better yet, join in on the celebration, it starts tonight at 5:00 p.m. and ends at 8 p.m. at Harlem Tavern. RSVP to gethealthyharlem@gmail.com

Happy Hour begins at Harlem Tavern

For those of you who have wondered whether Harlem Tavern will participate in a happy hour because all you really want to do is drink there and not necessarily dine, the answer is now a yes! Harlem Tavern announced Sunday evening that they will now have a happy hour. It starts tomorrow, Monday, August 22 from 4-7 p.m. Their happy hour specials include $5 well drinks, Bud Light, Shock Top, Yuengling, Red Sangria, delicious Moscato and red wine. Harlem Tavern happy hour is from Monday-Friday.

This is a nice addition to the other establishments that provide happy hour specials as well.

Drink up Harlem! To read prior blog coverage on Harlem Tavern, click here or go to the category tags on the right hand side of the screen!

Want to work at Harlem Tavern?


If you are looking for work and have experience in high volume restaurants, head on over to Harlem Tavern, located on the corner of 116th and Frederick Douglass Blvd., with your resume! They are looking for people with 2 to 3 years of experience in working in the restaurant business.

Please pass this along to anyone who know who is looking for work and would like to work at Harlem Tavern! Have a great weekend!

Sign says Harlem Tavern officially opening July 1

Jun 30, 2011 @ 12:05
By HarlemGal
A reader provided us with a nice photo this morning about Harlem Tavern! I believe the photo says it all-opening day at Harlem Tavern starts at 5 pm, July 1! See you there! And a big thanks to our reader!!! You know who you are! You are the BEST!




Harlem Tavern delays opening to Fourth of July weekend

Jun 28, 2011 @ 10:45
By HarlemGal
If you were planning on stopping by Harlem Tavern tomorrow night, June 29, don’t. They’re not quite ready yet. They just passed their last inspection last night (June 27) and over the weekend they put out a call for more food runners. They were needing a lot more help. Given all this, they are now aiming to open this Friday if all goes as planned.

So if you are around over the holiday weekend, there might be another place in Harlem to sit outside to eat and drink! In the mean time, check out their menu and drink list, here. When they open, you’ll be ready to order when you arrive! Stay tuned…


Harlem Tavern goes unisex with you know what!

Jun 17, 2011 @ 14:09

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By HarlemGal
First we told you about Harlem Tavern’s menu and drink list as part of our Inside Harlem Tavern series. We continue our series with a topic that some might find odd or unnecessary, but we think it is important strategic information to have. And hey…this topic everyone deals with. It is commonly know as mother nature and when mother nature calls-at least for me-the question I will immediately ask to anyone and everyone is “Where the h** are the bathrooms?”

When I visited Harlem Tavern recently I actually asked to see the lady’s room. I wanted to know where they are located. Well, I found out there is not exactly a lady’s room. There is not a men’s room either. Harlem Tavern went…UNISEX with their bathrooms. There are several stalls with closed doors lined up against the wall to the right when you walk indoors. It is all closed off. Don’t worry. Its only when you wash your hands that you may or may not know the person standing right next to you.

I was sort of surprised when I saw this. I thought with all that space inside why not send the men one way and the gals the other way? I guess the owners figured let’s save on space indoors and give patrons more outdoor space for eating and drinking. Oh well. See you in the Harlem Tavern bathrooms.

First look at Harlem Tavern’s cocktail list

Jun 14, 2011 @ 9:00
By HarlemGal
As promised through our Inside Harlem Tavern series, we have some additional information on their menu. We now turn to their cocktail list.

First up is the Banana Sidecar: Hennessy, 99 bananas, and fresh lemon juice. This drink will be shaken and served in a martini glass for $12.

While you’re sitting outside at the corner of Frederick Douglass Blvd and 116th Street, how about drinking a Harlem Sunset? This drink will include tequila, cherry liquor, and pineapple. Yummy. We like this drink already and plan on ordering it ASAP…cause it has Te-qui-la! And its $10.

Next, can you say these words really fast? Tavern Rum Runner. It is catchy…huh? This will be served on the rocks in a mason jar for $12.

And last but not least is the Scottish Mule, which will have gin, cucumber, and ginger beer all for $10.

All these cocktails sound de-li-cious! And if you don’t want a cocktail, no worries. Harlem Tavern plans on offering 20 beers on tap and 60 craft beers in the bottle; as well as a selection of frozen drinks!

So the area that was a gas station, will soon be an eating and drinking station for Harlem humanity! The transformation of this space and menu will be well received! We will all find out soon when we physically will be going Inside Harlem Tavern!


An exclusive look at Harlem Tavern’s menu, Inside Harlem Tavern

Jun 12, 2011 @ 13:50
By HarlemGal
As part of our series called Inside Harlem Tavern, we would like to give you a sneak peak at their menu. Take a look below.

In my view, the items on the menu are as diverse as the Harlem population it will soon cater to. If you want a pasta dish, it is on the menu or if you want steak, no problem they have that too. How about having fish while sitting outside on the corner of Frederick Douglass Blvd and 116th Street? Harlem Tavern will be offering that as well to its customers. What is even better than the food listed in their initial menu are the prices! All the items on Harlem Tavern’s menu are reasonably priced. There is nothing priced more than $21 dollars. I think they are playing it very smart by doing this. Harlem Tavern is clearly recognizing their demographic by starting off with this reasonable price point as opposed to other local establishment(s) that received unfavorable criticism for their menu being priced too high. Bad Horse Pizza went through this recently. They received some unfavorable comments online- at least on HCL- regarding their prices. Harlem Tavern is clearly sending a message to Harlemites with this menu: come on over, hang out inside or out and enjoy a good meal without braking the bank. If they stick to this price point, count on us hanging out there!

Have a look at the menu below and tell us what you think! And stay tuned for our next blog post called Inside Harlem Tavern.


Golden Fried “Dirty Bird”
Lemon thyme gravy
Smoked Mozzarella Fritters
Ricotta cheese, tomato basil sauce
Bacon Fried Pickles
Chipotle sauce
Trio of Sausages
Keilbasa, Merguez, Chorizo, 3 mustards
Provençal Ratatouille
Chickpea puree, grilled Mediterranean vegetables
Grilled Skirt Steak
Queso fresco, chimichurri, jalapeños
Fried Green Tomato
Mozzarella, ricotta, basil arugula pesto
The Boulevard Burger
Smoked gouda, BBQ pulled pork, Neuskes bacon, crispy onions, toasted brioche
Cedar Planked Salmon
Olives, peppers, tomato confit, citrus herb vinaigrette
Handmade Ratatouille Ravioli
Sunchoke walnut basil sauce
Knickerbocker Glory Sundae $7
Strawberry Lemon Cheesecake $7