Harlem Savour of Seafood is open for business


A reader has let us know that the old spot where Just Wingin It use to be in Harlem, has been turned upside down and a new eating place has arisen. It’s called Harlem Savour of Seafood and they are open for customers to come in and order-seven days a week. Apparently the place opened this past weekend.

I looked for them online and so far their website is not up, and I can’t seem to find them on Facebook or Twitter. Hmm? I’m sure they’ll be up and online soon.

In the meantime, here is a copy of their menu incase you want to try them out now. Hope you can see the menu!

3 responses to “Harlem Savour of Seafood is open for business

  1. Not bad prices

  2. The place is well lit and the menu prices aren,t bad. How are the sizes of your portions: side dishes and salads?

  3. that food sucks

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