The Harlem Treasure Chest, a new flea market in Harlem, to open March 4

I received the flyer below in my inbox saying that a new flea market will open in Harlem this coming Sunday, March 4 at 6 AM on the corner of 117th and Frederick Douglass Blvd. Back in October 2011, I mentioned a new flea market in Harlem was coming.

The new flea market will be called Harlem Treasure Chest and plans to offer school supplies, clothing, mens’ suits, cell phone accessories, janitorial supplies, infant, furniture and more. Based on their flier, it appears they have plenty of vendors signed up to sell goods. I wonder whose on board? Does anyone know of a vendor who will be participating? If so, tell us!

I plan to check out this new Harlem flea market. Hope to see you there.

7 responses to “The Harlem Treasure Chest, a new flea market in Harlem, to open March 4

  1. I heard this was coming and I’m so glad this is really happening! We (here in the City) have lost sooo many good flea’s over this past 20 years – especially the whole garage flea area – one side of that street already huge apartment buildings & commercial space & the other side about to be. People were saying that the only place left for a good flea market is Brooklyn. So glad we will have the beginnings of one right here in our own backyard! I wish them much success.

  2. i noticed the market as i was driving by today. i plan to check it out next wknd, and if the vendor’s fee is not ridiculous, i may give it a shot. i am worried that there was no mention of crafts. i sell handmade soap, and not really a fan of flea markets, but the location is good, so it may be worth my while.

  3. I would like to participate as a Fashion Jewelry Vendor

  4. I sell gorgeous fabric for $5.00 a yard and trim for $1.00 a yard. Come by and take advantage before its all gone!

  5. the food at the harlem treasure chest is outstanding especially the macaroni balls and the lasagna , all the the food is delicious and inexpensive.

  6. This weekend, August 27th, find a beautiful assortment of old furnishings and unique “upcyclings” presented by one of Harlem’s artists, Christopher Trujillo.

  7. christopher trujillo

    It was a wonderful day. Thank you to all the friends who came by, there will be more stuff for tomorrow. I was so happy watching people fall in love with the merchandise. Everything went to good homes. See you tomorrow.
    Christopher Trujillo

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