The inaugural TEDx Harlem happens March 27

UPDATE: TEDx Harlem will now be held at Riverside Church, 490 Riverside Drive, Harlem, NY, not the Apollo Theater.

According to Harlem NYC, a 31,000-strong Harlem constituency on Facebook, we are all invited and encouraged to support the first ever TEDx Harlem. On March 27, a day-long conference, taking place at Harlem’s famous Apollo Theater, will “seek to understand, celebrate and empower the informal methods of social innovation that grow organically in Harlem and throughout communities around the world.” A high-caliber of speakers-some from Harlem-have signed on to participate in the TEDx Harlem, such as Thelma Golden from the Studio Museum in Harlem and Marcus Samuelsson of Red Rooster Harlem.

The event will begin at 8 a.m. and end at 5 p.m. The cost to attend is $100. Click here to learn more.

5 responses to “The inaugural TEDx Harlem happens March 27

  1. TEDxHarlem was an event of “self promotion” by many who just got to the Village of Harlem and do not really understand or want to really understand the Community of Harlem. What they understand is what they want to do to Harlem and not what the community needs. This was all about the organizers trying to position themselves as leaders in Harlem. They are pseudo leaders (leaders in their own minds).

  2. @Friendsof Macombs thanks for your comments. Quick question, did you attend the TEDX Harlem? That would helpful to know or are these comments based on…what? I didn’t attend, but I would have if I could have gotten off work. I did see feedback on Facebook about this event and I did hear directly from a neighbor who went and they loved it and found the speakers extremely insightful. I also saw where Experience Harlem was in attendance and they raved about it on Facebook. I don’t know what evidence you have that TEDX Harlem was self promotional. I have only heard positive things about them which leads me to believe they are extremely credible in what they do and appear to be the farthest from what you describe. Unless maybe you know something about them that we don’t?

    • I watched it online. My comments are based on what I saw and what I knew about the event before it was held. This event was not about Harlem it was about the destination of Harlem being used by a few (mostly just got to Harlem) to self promote themselves and their businesses.
      Most Residents did not hear about TEDxHarlem until about 2 weeks ago. The Community-At-Large was not involved in its development. Also, it was the complaints of long time Community Activists that forced TEDxHarlem to realize their elitism and move the event from the Apollo to Riverside Church and drop the horrendous fee for the silly $100 entry price from $16.55 to $3.49. They also then created a 2nd tier of $20.00 with a fee of $1.49 (this participant was also less involved with less opportunity for interaction. NO SURPRISE!).
      I would not be surprised if many who attended benefited from the complaints of the long time Community Activists by entering with the $20 price tag. It really was not worth even the cheaper price from what I saw. I also would not be surprised if most if not all the people praising this event are also new comers (opportunists) who want to make Harlem what they want to make it and not what it is. Apparently these opportunists will use Harlem to get what they want for themselves and destroy its culture by morphing it into whatever they think its culture should be to further their own agendas.

      • Thanks for elaborating. I now see more clearly where you’re coming from and I think the information on TEDXHarlem we’ve seen are on entirely two different tracks, i.e. the Harlemites you know didn’t like it, the Harlemites I know did like TEDXHarlem. We could debate this til were blue in the face. As for the intentions of the people behind TEDXHarlem, I believe their agenda came from a 100 percent good place. I am not going to judge them. I salute them and calling them elitist or opportunists-in my view-is code for “they’re not one of us and how dare they come to Harlem without consulting with the longtime activist of Harlem.” Saying TEDX is a bunch of elitist and opportunists comes across as an ego being bruised or kicking ones self for not thinking of that idea first for Harlem. And I would say complaining about the $20 price indicates to me that there are some folks out there who complain/bitch about anything. The organization changed the price in response to criticism. That’s a win for those that wanted the change, yet some still have the audacity to continue to bitch. Its factually known TEDX has an excellent track record and will they be able to please everybody…obviously not. There will always be detractors and people who have difficulty in dealing with Harlem’s change or new ideas or people coming in. That’s going to be around for the foreseeable future and Harlem residents are going to have to work through it, no matter how hard it is. There’s that old saying “people love change when they decide it, but people hate change when its decided for them.”

      • Thank you for your comments.
        New comer opportunists appear to have a “bruised ego” about long time Harlemites not being in awe of them and not remaining quiet or rolling over for whatever stuff they think they are providing or giving to Harlem. Behaving like some kind of Messiah that Harlem needs and should stand back and listen to in awe. The $20 price was just an attempt to “shut up” those who “peeped the cards” of the organizers of this farce. It did not provide the same kind of access those who paid $100 did. Yes, the Community-At-Large has a right to, as you put it to “bitch” about the arrogance and personal promotion these opportunistic new comers demonstrated to the Harlem Community. If anything, their approach kills the “vibe” of the Community, that is, the “vibe” that tourists and these arrogant new comers want to come to Harlem to experience. This “vibe” was created by the longtime Residents of Harlem.
        TEDx may have an excellent track record, but the concept of TEDx which was manipulated by TEDxHarlem smears that record.
        Also, the opportunistic new comers who come to Harlem should stay where they are and change where they are instead of coming to the Village of Harlem to turn it into the mess they want to make of it and disrespect the longtime Community that made it the world known haven it is. Probably “where they were” would not allow them to run over that place the way they want to run over Harlem. They should stop coming to Harlem to attempt to intimidate, force, and coerce the indigenous Community into doing what they want. They didn’t make Harlem what it is, but they are trying to use its history to promote themselves.
        There will always be opportunists and people who have difficulty in dealing with the fact that Harlem is famous because the people who are longtime Residents made it that way and they did not. Thinking that they have new ideas? This just shows their arrogance and feelings of importance. These new comers will have to work through the fact that forcing their personal promotion “ideas” and trying to “trick” the world into believing that they are some kind of “smart” is not going to intimidate longtime Residents. These opportunists are going to have to accept that they do not really know and/or understand Harlem and that being arrogant or faking knowledge about Harlem is quite obvious no matter how hard it is for them to accept.
        There’s that old saying, “you are as transparent as a cheap suit”. In other words you are transparent and your approach stinks. Their transparency is going to be around for the foreseeable future and they will find that they will have to respect the Community that created and developed the village of Harlem into what everybody wants to come here for.

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