Larry’s Freewheeling Bicycle Shop now open in Harlem


I was walking along 110th Street in Harlem heading to the westside this past weekend and noticed that a new bike shop arrived at the base of Harlem. It’s called Larry’s Freewheeling and located at 301 Cathedral Parkway. It is not too far from Cafe Amrita and I believe the second bike shop to open in Central Harlem. The first bike shop to open was ModSquad on Frederick Douglass Blvd.

According to signage on Larry’s window, it’s has been open since the beginning of April. Has anyone checked this business out? If so, tell us how it is!

13 responses to “Larry’s Freewheeling Bicycle Shop now open in Harlem

  1. How is the garage based bike shop on the north side of Mt. Morris Park?

    • Not sure. I generally go to ModSquad since I live close by.

    • its great they fix everything for great prices

    • I have known Larry for 32 years from the time my husband and I started dating (he was at his shop on Third Ave in the 70’s to the time he moved to Second Ave and 87th and now at his new store. We have three grown sons and over the years, we’ve bought at least a dozen bikes from him including 3 for me and 3 for my husband. He has also tuned up all my bikes (especially the week before an annual triathlon that I do every year) and each year before the five borough bike tour. Larry is a wonderful man – so knowledgeable and so honest with his customers. He truly epitomizes the motto of “customers first”! I wouldn’t consider going to any other bike shop but Larry’s. When he sold his shop on 87th and Second, I had heard he was opening up a new store but I didn’t know where it was. So, I searched the internet for a half hour until I found a posting from someone who said he had received an e mail from Larry and that the store was at 301 E. 110th. Within a half hour, I was there with my bike for it’s annual pre-triathlon tune up. I was absolutely elated to find it. So, if anyone is wondering whether this is a good bike shop to patronize, don’t hesitate at all. Larry is the best!

      • Hey Lili, if you see this, it was a fun surprise to see your comment. I’m a new customer and already am very pleased. Hope you and your family are all doing well.

      • Hi Tom,
        Nice to hear from you. Larry is the best. I’m sad he left our neighborhood but so happy for him that he’s finding a new loyal group of customers.

  2. We needed this shop. The people are very friendly and the prices beats Togas , Metro or any other city bike shops….I had somw Sram Red put on by their mechanic…what a job…I am totally staying there.

  3. Larry is the best most honest person there can be. He gave me a new $500 shifter while he tries to fix my old one-and despite me going back to the shop 3 times in 5 weeks did not charge me but insisted he would still try to fix my old one for much less money!!!! You can’t get more honest service than that anywhere!!!!!

  4. I agree
    I have a pair of cycling shoes that needed a present of new cleats. Instead of Larry selling me a pair of new shoes for $150, he fixed my shoes which were not holding the cleats right due to walking on them free charge …now thats a deal.

  5. While every else told me that the reason my bike was shifting badly was because of the bike brand itself, the folks at Larry’s listen to it and within 3 seconds recommended a new hub, cassette and grease job. Lightning fast labor and parts for only $35. I’m sorry for Heavy Metal and Modsquad, but they really can’t compare to the quality, honesty and expertise that Larry’s Freewheeling offers. I remember back in the days when most businesses were like this and to tell you the truth, it’s a much need fixture especially at the top of Central Park. I will never go anywhere else again…and I mean it!

    • I have been doing business with Larry for 25 years. He is the most honest, trustworthy businessman – molded in the old school of a handshake being better than a contract!~

  6. great guy very open and honest……………..

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