Pedi cabs available to Harlem residents on Earth Day

Safe, Healthy, Affordable and Reliable Energy (SHARE), in collaboration with local Harlem restaurants, churches, pastors and prominent elected officials will celebrate Harlem Earth Day, April 22, by offering free Pedi Cab rides to local residents. Pedi Cabs  will be available from 11 am to 3 pm on Frederick Douglass Blvd from 110th to 125th Street-rain or shine.

And don’t forget about Harlem Earth Day. Harlem Park to Park has organized for us our very own Harlem Earth Day on April 22nd to coincide with Global Earth Day! Harlem Earth Day will include a day of family friendly activities to promote the Earth Day mission of promoting awareness on environmental issues, including Green Energy Use, Recycling, and Clean Air. See you at Harlem Earth Day!

One response to “Pedi cabs available to Harlem residents on Earth Day

  1. That is pretty ironic that these guys are hosting an event for Earth Day. Residents of Harlem, don’t be fooled. This organization is a lobbying front for a company called Entergy, which owns and operates nuclear power plants, including Indian Point. As most people are aware, Indian Point is about 35 miles north of Harlem. (When the plant in Japan melted down, evacuation was recommended for anything inside of a 50 miles radius.) It has had a number of accidents and is recognized as one of the nation’s worst nuclear power plants, which is a scary thought and why Cuomo is trying to shut it down.

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