‘Across the Universe’ star and singer buys home in Harlem

One of my favorite movies is Across the Universe by Julie Taymor and I really enjoyed the performance in the film by the actress and singer who played Sexy Sadie, which was Dana Fuchs. The New York Times reported this past weekend that Fuchs, a well-known and highly established singer and musician, has made Harlem her home. Fuchs recently purchased a 1500 square foot, three bedroom apartment with her companion at Fifth on the Park in Harlem. The article states Fuchs was a drawn to Fifth on the Park in Harlem because of the amazing views. “With big windows overlooking so much greenery, I was just wowed,” Fuchs told the Times.

If you have never heard Dana Fuchs’ music before, check out the video below. And now that I know Fuchs lives in Harlem, I will silently wish that she and her band will one day perform live in Harlem. Wouldn’t that be so cool?

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