Harlem Food Bar mural on display for passerby’s


Harlem Food Bar is working hard toward its opening day, which is expected in a few weeks. Yesterday, they were busy interviewing job applicants. While they were screening potential employees, Harlem Food Bar had the entire place on display for passerby’s. When walking by HFB, which is located on Frederick Douglass Blvd between 113th and 114th Street, one can quickly see a giant colorful mural on display in the back.

The mural is very interesting and will draw you in. It has a nice big picture of Malcolm X with a picture of President Barack Obama close by. The mural has the word HARLEM in bright big red letters coupled with the name of the place abbreviated as HFB. There is a stenciled cow on the mural, which I interpret as there will be meat served. There is also a nice big bar to the right of the establishment. It will hold plenty of Harlemites who want to grab a drink or wait for a seat to eat.

Again, Harlem Food Bar expected to open in a few weeks. Stay tuned here!

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