Attend ‘Emerging Women Speak Forum’ at the Apollo in Harlem

On June 19th, Harlem4Obama will host the State of Women in Politics: Emerging Women Speak Forum at the Apollo Soundstage from 6:30-9:00pm. The purpose of this event is to engage women in the private and public sectors, who have not previously considered public office and to address the overall political landscape as it applies to women nationally, in New York City and in Harlem.

Emerging Women Speak is part of an ongoing movement to ensure that young women step forward to shape and advance progressive policies and politics in our changing community and nation.

Tickets are $25. Register at to attend.


2 responses to “Attend ‘Emerging Women Speak Forum’ at the Apollo in Harlem

  1. Enjoying and using the info in your blog–thanks so much! One request: please always list the cross streets when citing an avenue address. Even those who know Harlem in a detailed way may not immediately grasp where addresses along an avenue are located.
    This request comes with appreciation for the spirit, style, and substance of HarlemGal–blog on!

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