Julisa’s coming to Harlem, new bar plans to open at the end of July

Reader and fellow blogger FromTheFifthFloor.com has tipped off HarlemGal Inc. about a new bar and lounge opening in Harlem, specifically on Lenox Avenue between 132nd and 133rd Street. Julisa’s is the name of the upcoming Harlem joint and apparently it’s owned by a couple team! I guess they’re following in the footsteps of Harlem Tavern, 5 and Diamond Harlem, and Ristorante Settepani, which I understand are all owned and managed by couples.

According to our reader, Julisa’s is shaping up to be sharp-looking new bar and lounge, which will focus on live music and poetry night-type events. The place has a built-in DJ booth/loft in the back, an indicator that live music will be available. So stay tuned. As soon as we know more, we will pass along.

And a special shout out to FromTheFifthFloor.com for providing the story tip and photos! Muchas Gracias!




8 responses to “Julisa’s coming to Harlem, new bar plans to open at the end of July

  1. We’re looking forward to welcoming Julisa’s to Harlem! The space looks great and we can’t wait to stop in and check it out in person.

  2. Do you know if Julisa’s has a working phone or email? I’m working on a project to help starting small businesses connect with their audience and would love to get in touch with Julisa’s!

  3. Yes, Julisa’s phone number is 212.694.4040 I seen it as I passed going home… This spot looks so sexy and I am really looking forward to having a nice place in the neighnorhood to hang out. I met the couple that owns it and they are amazing people. Can’t wait till they open !!!!

  4. I’m all for Black businesses coming into Harlem and providing a service, but at what point do we have to tolerate being disrespected? The music from Julisa’s blasts all night long and can be heard as high up as the 16th floor of a housing complex roughly 20 yards away where many elders live… c’mon Black people

  5. Simply call them and ask them to turn it down. Support black businesses and stop being so critical bc white bars can be loud too!!

  6. The experience was so-so. Good music and dance, but dirty inside. I came on a Sunday evening and the place still had not been cleaned from the night before. Lots of garbage, gum and filth. Not very dance-friendly. I didn’t even visit the bathrooms until they were done cleaning them. A very nice man cleaned and mopped as best he could while more people filed in, to make it more presentable. The dance class was good, but the floors were still nasty. It got livlier toward the end of the night, good music and the staff were very friendly, but the cleanliness and time issues need to be addressed so people feel comfortable when they arrive.

  7. long gone. Liq lic revoked in April and closed by marshall in July 2014

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