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Julisa’s coming to Harlem, new bar plans to open at the end of July

Reader and fellow blogger FromTheFifthFloor.com has tipped off HarlemGal Inc. about a new bar and lounge opening in Harlem, specifically on Lenox Avenue between 132nd and 133rd Street. Julisa’s is the name of the upcoming Harlem joint and apparently it’s owned by a couple team! I guess they’re following in the footsteps of Harlem Tavern, 5 and Diamond Harlem, and Ristorante Settepani, which I understand are all owned and managed by couples.

According to our reader, Julisa’s is shaping up to be sharp-looking new bar and lounge, which will focus on live music and poetry night-type events. The place has a built-in DJ booth/loft in the back, an indicator that live music will be available. So stay tuned. As soon as we know more, we will pass along.

And a special shout out to FromTheFifthFloor.com for providing the story tip and photos! Muchas Gracias!