Harlem customers receive upgrade guide by Time Warner Cable

Has anyone living in the Harlem area noticed a slight difference with their Time Warner Cable? I noticed it on my flat screen. The user guide is different. Apparently, Time Warner Cable has introduced an upgraded guide to its TV customers in the Harlem area. Customers automatically received the upgrade about a week ago.

Here are a few tips on the new guide:

The “A” button on the remote control brings up “Find Channels,” allowing customers to find their favorite programming by category on hundreds of channels more easily.

The “B” button brings customers to a more intuitive “Search” screen, where they can look for movies or shows on both the TV schedule and among the thousands of Time Warner Cable On Demand choices available.

Intuitive on-screen prompts for using TV features like Start Over and Look Back.

To learn more about the new guide, visit http://www.timewarnercable.com/guide or call Time Warner Cable directly if you do not see this service.


One response to “Harlem customers receive upgrade guide by Time Warner Cable

  1. Yeah. The new user guide is kind of nice. They’ve been working out the kinks over the last week. Thank god. It’s been really sluggish changing channels and using the guide over the last week. Lots an lots of the message…”Please Wait” whenever you try to do anything. However, it seems to be coming along. They basically took out the silver background of the guide and replaced it with a black background. The channel logos and colored lettering really stand out better with the new background. I’m pleased.

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