Chef Stephen Putnam moves on from Lido Harlem, sought-after caterer Serena Bass steps in

Lido Italian Restaurant and Bar in Harlem is experiencing some changes, but don’t worry. These changes are positive for everyone involved, especially the consumer. Lido Harlem, located at 117th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd., exclusively tells HarlemGal Inc. that British-born, celeb following caterer, Serena Bass has been hired by the Harlem eatery to redevelop their menu. This decision to hire Bass to redevelop Lido’s menu is right out of the oven practically. Bass will start working with the Lido team effective immediately! In her bio, it reads: Bass’ most recent venture is at Lido Harlem where she is taking the popular neighborhood restaurant to a new level. So let’s all pay attention to the menu at Lido. I am confident it will have that similar ingredient: quality food.

These changes are happening at Lido due to initial Chef Stephen Putnam giving notice last week to the management team that he was departing the Harlem dining place to start his own restaurant in Harlem, along with his wife Dera. Putnam will not comment on the exact location of his Harlem restaurant or the starting date because he is in the midst of negotiations. However, Putnam does say that he plans on serving cuisine at his new place that garnered him a 26 out of 30 rating from Zagat while at Lido.

And for those of us who like dining at Lido Harlem, like I do, the service, ambiance and quality of food will remain the same, according to its management team. Lido will continue to provide the same level of service it has been consistently offering since it opened about a year and a half ago. And be on the look out for Serena Bass in Harlem. Just so you know, her clients include Sarah Jessica Parker and Oscar de la Renta.

11 responses to “Chef Stephen Putnam moves on from Lido Harlem, sought-after caterer Serena Bass steps in

  1. Samantha Freeman

    Looking forward to the changes because the last month has been a disaster. My experiences have been mediocore at best. Not sure that a caterer in the kitchen is the best move.

  2. I agree. I wish Lido the best but I’m anxious to see, judging from the picture, what a 60 year old caterer will do for Lido. Since I moved here a few months ago, I really enjoyed going to Lido, however my recent visits have not been up to par. I hope Lido doesn’t stray far from what was once one of my favorite restaurants in Harlem.

  3. One of my frequent dining partners, whose opinion I trust, told me to skip Lido. He ate there a few months ago. I will let him know they’re getting a new chef, so that he can go and sample her.

  4. This place is SCREWED – the only reason that a Chef would leave so suddenly is due to internal strife – in simple words, the owners of this crap hole tried to screw him over and he would have none of it.
    This is the joke of NYC – Ruben Kornfeld is famous for this – he has screwed over so many people downtown hi is now blacklisted – just ask the owner of BOOM or the former owner of Meridiana.
    Good job Ruben – you showed once again what a piece you are.

  5. I was at Lido in July while visiting my family and hometown. I have to say it was FABULOUS!! I have know idea what any of you are talking about. I LOVED it! Greg mentions Meridiana..If it is the Meridiana on 106th & Broadway, I was there years ago as well. My experience at Meridiana was not pleasurable. The service was horrific, the staff rude and the food mediocre to say the least. I can’t speak of BOOM since i have never eaten there. I don’t know..This bashing sounds a little fishy. I loved Lido. Do not listen to me, or anyone else writing..Just try it for yourselves and ENJOY!!

    • @Danny. Thanks for commenting. I too have enjoyed the food and service at Lido Harlem since day one. Not sure what the mentioning of restaurant politics here is all about? It could mean a million things! But I’m with ya…don’t knock until you’ve tried it!

  6. Terrible – all I can say is terrible. The food was overpriced and the portions were small – as for the taste, lets just say that it tasted as if it was store bought – service was rude and they even had the audacity to ask for a 30% tip – which I refused to pay. Never again.
    Greg’s review was spot on – if the owner is a small fat bald man then yes, he is truly a piece. Why do I say that? Because a small fat bald sack of garbage actually followed us outside to insult us as we left – I had to actually restrain my boyfriend from ripping the midget apart.

    • Carol Anderson

      Trust me, had you allowed your boyfriend to just approach him, you’d have seen the other, true side of him….. a man afraid and almost in tears.
      Thanks, Robin, this made my day.

  7. I know Lido and Have been there numerous time , these comments seems to me posted by different political parties… Not a fair appraisal of the real true story , or even sincere comments about the food.. It is more like a gossip column, Chef Putman is an excellent talented chef, which was highly appreciated by the owner of Lido . It would take a fair knowledge of what happens on the inside to give a true picture. I personally do not think that Mrs Bass really matches the flair of chef Putman. and the comments about the owners are cheap and underhanded. The food has rating from the zagat guide, so refer to this and go without prejudice . I think the Zagat rating talk for themselves…
    and are fair . As for the rest of the story , the staff is nice and personable, My experience in Lido was always pleasant , and many friends go regularly there … I wish lido success and for them to find fairer critics who are not so interested in the gossips above …

    • I wonder if anonymous is another of the owner’s …special friends? Whatever. Wa it and see. As for me, you couldn’t pay me to eat there. Stick around long enough, you’ll understand the “gossip”.

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