Ricky’s moving into Hue-Man Bookstore space in Harlem

My, my, my how things quickly change in Harlem when it comes to retail space. It’s true what the Harlem online community has been chatting about lately! Ricky’s appears to be moving into Hue-Man Bookstore’s old commercial space at 124th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd!!! Check out the photos!

Rickys pic by Harlemgal

Harlemgal photo rickys

harlemgalinc photo rickys

6 responses to “Ricky’s moving into Hue-Man Bookstore space in Harlem

  1. This may just be a pop up store for Halloween costumes. If I remember correctly, last year Ricky’s had a pop up store near the corner of 125th St. & FDB (where they’re building the new shopping mall now).

  2. Well we will know soon. If you see them setting up shop to use the space “as is” then you know it’s a pop up. If renovations start to happen then you’ll see a new store in a few months.

    Actually, I think it could turn out to be a great location for a Halloween pop up, if you can’t find a space that will give you a short term lease on 125th Street. You get all the young people coming out of Magic Johnson Theater after the Halloween horror flicks next month.

  3. And if its not a popup shop, I think Ricky’s could do well as a permanent tenant there. Now is a great time to set up a permanent costume shop. Did you know that with many retail stores like Rick’s and Party City, their profits from the months of September/October are enough to support the stores for the rest of the year? The Halloween business is pretty good!

  4. The Hue-Man site could very well be one of their seasonal pop-ups but I recently saw signs for another one along 125th st. (possibly between Lenox & 5th). Seems odd that there would be two in such close proximity.

  5. Now that you mention it Taylor, I vaguely remember another Ricky’s being on the east side as well in past years. However, I think it was one black further east on 125th Street, possibly between 5th and Madison Avenues. This is all getting very interesting.

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