Sarku Japan and Sushi Express opens on 125th Street in Harlem

In a news release, Sarku Japan®, the largest Japanese Quick Service Restaurant chain in the U.S., announced yesterday that they opened a store on 125th Street between Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd., and Lenox Avenue in Harlem, this past weekend. Harlemites will be able to order from Sarku Japan® Teriyaki and Sushi Express “sizzling teriyaki and made-to-order sushi” that is traditionally found in mall food courts.

As to why Sarku Japan opened a store in Harlem, Harlem Franchisee, Vinny Vig said, “With the rise of Japanese quick service cuisine, I am confident that I’ve made a smart investment and am pleased to be offering the Harlem neighborhood a healthier alternative to traditional fast food.”

To learn more about Sarku Japan, click here.



7 responses to “Sarku Japan and Sushi Express opens on 125th Street in Harlem

  1. is that next to the Golden Crust? Wonder when Harlem is going to open up a good Diner?!!

  2. @natasha. I hear ya. Someone would make a killing in South Harlem if they opened up a diner! And I believe this is near Marshall’s and CVS.

  3. I ate there this afternoon and was under-impressed. The food presentation was like what you would get at an Halal cart. Taste was disappointing too. The food was no where near as good as there competitor’s Yoshinoya. I took some pictures and wrote a review on Yelp, if your interested.

  4. Chanel | Cultural Xplorer

    I love Japanese so I am interested in trying out another option in the neighborhood. What were your impressions of the food?

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