Preview menus of Harlem’s up and coming Destiny Sandwich & Juice Bar

Harlem’s getting another dining option on Harlem’s restaurant row and the owners have exclusively shared their menus with HarlemGal Inc. Take a look at the menus below.

Destiny Sandwich & Juice Bar plans to open in Harlem on Frederick Douglass Blvd., between 116th and 117th Street, before the summer season begins. Destiny Sandwich & Juice Bar will offer affordable gourmet style sandwiches with Tom Cat bread, nothing with Boar’s Head, below the $10 range, along with fresh squeezed juices and smoothies. On their website, which is closed to the public for now, it says “all our rotisserie meats are freshly prepared, carved and served on TomCat Artisanal sandwich breads. Juice’s are made to order from the freshest seasonal produce available. And coffee beans will be supplied by KOBRICKS COFFEE Roasting Since 1920.”

Tony and Emilio, who are business partners and the owners of Destiny Sandwich & Juice Bar, tell HarlemGal they are excited to open in Harlem and to be able to offer healthy affordable food options using the best local products available.

Looking forward to checking out Destiny Sandwich & Juice Bar at 1266 Frederick Douglass Blvd. Stay tuned for more information.
Destiny Menu 1

Destiny Menu 2

2 responses to “Preview menus of Harlem’s up and coming Destiny Sandwich & Juice Bar

  1. Good job tony!!!

  2. Destiny’s is now open. I can wholeheartedly assure you all that it is, without a doubt, to be highly recommended. I like to keep it simple, fresh food, great drink under ten bucks. Destiny’s did this for me and more! What I desired wasn’t actually on the menu. No worries! Emilio himself produced the most tastiest wrap I’ve had in the longest times. Now that made me feel like “hey, that doesn’t usually happen that easily. I’ve been back more than a few times and will continue to do so. signed, Bobby Mori

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