Blink Fitness signage up in Harlem, target opening day June 2013

A friend, reader of HarlemGal Inc., and filmmaker/producer of Changing Face of Harlem, Shawn Batey, sent in a photo over the weekend of signage on the upcoming Blink Fitness, which will be located on 125th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd. According to Blink Fitness’ website, the Equinox-owned business is aiming to open this coming June. Interested consumers can join the gym at their Harlem location for $1. For more information, go to

And a big thanks to Ms. Batey for sending in the photo! Muchas Gracias!


One response to “Blink Fitness signage up in Harlem, target opening day June 2013

  1. I was bummed that this wasn’t a regular Equinox. We have lots of low end gyms here (planet fitness, NYSC, YMCA) but nothing at the higher end. why would all these gyms want to compete for the same customer? We could use one higher end option. NYHRC, Crunch, or 24hour Fitness would have done well in South Harlem.

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