View photos of ’13 African-American Day Parade in Harlem checked out the African-American Day Parade in Harlem once again-and photographed the entire event. It’s a fun event to take pictures of. Hope you enjoy!

3 responses to “View photos of ’13 African-American Day Parade in Harlem

  1. Peace, I guess what you photographed and posted is two different things. The HIP HOP CATZ were one of the highlights of the parade and you didn’t post not one pic. I believe you played politics with your posting.


    • Thank you for commenting.

      The pictures I posted of this years 2013 African American Day Parade in Harlem were selected on what I saw. I had no information as to who was headlining the parade. I simply posted pictures of a variety of events I witnessed. There were probably a ton of other highlights, which I may have missed. However, I simply posted most of what I witnessed as a local blogger. Politics played no role.

      Thanks again for commenting.

  2. Peace maybe, pics for this year has not been posted yet. If so, my bad if the HIP HOP CATZ are featured. Peace!

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