Is Citi Bike Share finally coming to Harlem? Where will the racks be located in Harlem?

A few weeks ago, HarlemGal Inc wrote a blog post, which was picked up by two media outlets and collected mixed comments, criticizing Citi Bike Share for allowing the film set Annie to use the bike program in Harlem, but not allowing real life Harlem residents to have the same opportunity. Ironically, we are learning today from The New York Daily News that the Citi Bike Share may now becoming to Harlem as part of Phase II.

According to The Daily News, “Community Board 10 Chairwoman Henrietta Lyle revealed Wednesday night (October 2) that Department of Transportation officials emailed her with their plans to install at least three docking stations uptown featuring the clunky blue two-wheelers. Lyle told her fellow board members that the racks-the first that would be located in Manhattan above 59th St.-would be installed on Frederick Douglass Blvd. at W. 115th St. and W. 154th St. along with one on Lexington Ave. near E. 98th St. in East Harlem.”

Kudos to Chairwoman Lyle for leaking out the information at the board meeting and for raising the question “what about the rest of the Harlem community and the bike share?”

HarlemGal Inc.’s position has been, if Citi Bike Share was good enough for a movie set in Harlem, it is good enough for real life residents of Harlem to use. The Village of Harlem should have been a part of Phase I of the program! However, if Citi Bike Share is honestly moving forward with implementing the bike share in Harlem, we’ll take it!

4 responses to “Is Citi Bike Share finally coming to Harlem? Where will the racks be located in Harlem?

  1. R.E. Skinner II

    As a third generation New Yorker, born in Harlem (64 years ago). I find much of the changes in Harlem that we may or may not like. Has to be looked at that everything comes in cycles. Harlem it’s self for the most part has never been owned by the Negro. Be it restaurants. Bars, Brownstones. Apartment buildings. Most of the property was always owned by whites. While in many cases run by Negros. And occupied by Negros. The best two examples are Brownstones that were Colored owned. Convent Avenue and Strivers Row. Many of those homes/buildings once owned by Colored people. For the may years now have been sold(to whomever). As many Blacks did not want to live in Harlem including myself. We did not keep the investment property or We did not invest. Therefore the voice of many may never be heard. In addition to the lack of participation in voting, Community Board activities/ planning. Sad to say, It is always after the fact, we make noise.

  2. Henrietta Lyle is confused. These will just be regular bike racks where people can lock up their own bikes. When Citi Bikes is ready to announce its plans for Phase II, it will be announced from the rooftops with much fanfare and will presumably feature hundreds of locations.

    • Henrietta,
      They are not regular bike ricks. The rack are designed to lock the front weal of the Citi Bike into a stall. Three option. that you pay for. A 24 hour pass, a 7 day pass, or 45 minute pass. In addition it takes up parking spaces. The City has two pending legal actions for persons hurt.

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